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Wooo Hooo….I will not be out-done by my sister!!! :)

Hey Family!!!

I hope all is well in gardening world!  Can I just say that I am SUPER DUPER pumped???  Growing is magical, I just got started and there is so many ways this is touching my life, I wanted to share with you.  First, before I do that, I want to say that when I open each letter by saying “Hello Fam/Family” I really mean it!!  Just in case everyone doesn’t know what “fam” means, it’s a colloquialism that some folks use to describe, not the family you were born into, but the family you’ve chosen.  I chosen to be connected to you all in this community of gardens and hope that you all feel the same.  As always, I just want you to know that I appreciate your commitment to this work!!!    It’s FOOD-JUSTICE–IN-ACTION!!!!

So I just wanted to share a little about our first day gardening!  So for those of you who don’t know, I am sharing my garden space with Yirim/Kinnetta, so we started yesterday.  And man I didn’t realize how impactful it would be to be connected to the land, in this way.  I mean, just turning the soil made me re-visit memories of my past.  Gardening with my grandma, what life like was like when we “had to” garden.  Since we’re gardening on the land that Yirim and Inye’s family has owned for over 40 years, I felt as if I was connected to that energy too.  I mean, times have changed so very much, and to find old pieces of glass, steel, and remnants in the space that we have to clear to be able to grow…is an almost transcendental experience. Wow…there is a lot of power in soil.

And David Perasso, Seattle Tilth Volunteer Gardening coach extraordinaire, is amazing and made it soo very easy!  Not to say that gardening is easy…cuz’ man!  I gotta stretch or something beforehand…cuz’ its hard on my back!  But it was well worth it!  J  We planted our first bed, Ama-Ibi (our youngest daughter) was deemed “Gardening Girl”!  She actually picked up a worm…I wouldn’t even do that! (teee heee!!!)  So I’ll be updating soon, cuz we have a lot more work to do!!

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