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My First Day Gardening…

Well, my first day was Friday, April 30, with my Master Gardner, Charlotte; she was just fabulous!

I had an area full of weeds, rocks, poor soil, and old matter.  We spent the first day for 4 hours, just weeding, tilling, then resoiling one area the ground.  Our first trip to Lowe’s was to purchase soil products.  Our 2nd trip was to purchase a fork tool so we could turn the soil and mix the manure, and 2 other types of soils.  Once everything was turned, we got rid of balls of soil and additional green matter.

Now my next step is to refine the soil even more by working to get more clumps, balls, and rocks of matted soil out of the dirt and then duplicate that effort onto the 2 other areas I plan to garden in.

I’m soooo grateful for this project and am truly looking forward to all that I will learn and all that I will gain, as a result of the healthiness the garden will bring.  Not only will my yard change, but my body, too!  :)

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One Response to My First Day Gardening…
  1. Kellen Kautzman
    October 20, 2010 | 9:42 am

    I absolutely love this project. I am so jealous. What a fun and interesting way to spend your time. I think that making our own food is ESSENTIAL to our continued happiness. Fresh, clean, and delicious!

    Awesome post, keep up the great gardening!

    -Kellen Kautzman

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