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Pots Plants and Seeds, Oh My!

I met the Patu family at their apartment on a cool, windy Sunday. This was not a day to inspire novice gardeners, but they were so excited that it didn’t matter if the weather was gloomy.

First, we looked at the size and exposure of their deck. At 4X8 or so, it’s big enough to hold about 4 good sized pots and a smaller one for herbs. We went back inside and started weeding out their list of “wants” to “must haves” and then narrowed it down to “can dos.” Then, we piled into the Suburban and trooped off to buy pots, soil, compost, seeds and plants.

Omigosh, pots are so expensive. They will eat up the gardening budget in no time, but since the apartment association has rules on what can be on the deck, they have to get nice pots. Then soil. Garden Project families that have houses don’t need pots or dirt, so they have some budget flexibility. Next year, or even this fall, we will be able to plant in the ground at the Patus’ new (keeping fingers crossed!) house. Everyone looked at seed packets and instantly were transformed into gardeners: they wanted one of everything! It’s becomes an addiction! We did manage to get just the ones on the list, so we behaved. We opted to forgo tomato plants as I thought I could get cheap or free ones from Seattle Tilth, and sure enough, I got several at the remainder sale the next week. Yippee! The plants are currently staying happy in my greenhouse.

On Sunday, we plant! Inye is filming; this should be so much fun. We are all anticipating watching the plants sprout, grow and mature to harvest. It’s a wondrous thing and fills your heart with joy.

Until next week,
Grow in Peace

Jody Peters
Garden Coach for the Fabulous Patus

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