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Seeds…good or bad?

A packet of seeds is best used for the year indicated, but typically they are fine for another year, even more.  think of all the ancient seeds that have been discovered in tombs and the like that still sprout.

A quick way to determine the viability of the seed is to dampen a paper towel, put a few seeds on the towel, insert into a zip baggie and wait a few days.  If you see activity, you’re good to grow!  If not, new seeds (shopping!) are in order.

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One Response to Seeds…good or bad?
  1. David Perasso
    May 10, 2010 | 9:35 pm

    A lot depends on the type of seeds and how they were stored.

    Beans, stored in the freezer, will keep for decades. Lettuce seeds, stored in a warm, damp room, might not last the season.

    In general, smaller seeds with softer seed coats don’t last as long as large seeds with hard coats.

    Jody’s post about testing is one good way to be sure, but some seeds, e.g. carrots, take 3 weeks to germinate under best conditions, which can create unacceptable delay.

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