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Building community through gardening

So…I just had a quick thoughtful conversation with Syretta (she’s one of TGP families) and I just wanted to share a quick thought…

I grew up in Kansas City, Mo and spent about half of my life under my grandmother’s tutledge. She was  a Pastor and a pastor’s wife.  She was an excellent example of community building, that I still learn from today.  One of the things that I really appreciate about being a part of a community-family is our ability to learn from one another, especially our elders.  I hated older people until I was like 12, because I resented their “know it all” attitude, or what I perceived as such.  What I came to realize fairly early is that they new a ‘lil’ sumpthin’ and I needed to take notes.

This idea of sharing, learning, patience, anticipation, pride, responsibility are all some of the feelings I cherish about my upbringing and The Garden Project has been instrumental in helping me to re-live those feelings again.  I appreciate that.

In the Black community, as I am sure in others, the technology age has created such a divide.  And now I see how gardening, can be a part of bringing the communion back to the community.  This is a blessing!

I look forward to sharing more with you all about my insights on this particular subject….I have ideas brewing! :)


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