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First Day of Planting Seeds and Starts

On May 14, Charlotte and I met at her home to plan what we would plant, before going to the nursery.  I got a chance to see her garden, which was just amazing!  The thing I would bellow most about Charlotte is that she’s extremely intelligent and well-versed on gardening; she understands great details about planting, seeding, tilling, soil enrichment, growing organically, detracting pests from the plant and yet, she’s sooo humble, unassuming, and gentle in her instructions — just a joy to work with!

We then went to the nursery to purchase seed, starts, and a pair of gloves.  Once we arrived at my home, the first check was on the soil — how did it look, was it loose enough, did it have enough oxygen to nurture growth?  Charlotte was pleased with the soil condition, so then we proceeded to look at placement — “where” did we want “what” planted?  We talked about things like “height”, “sun”, “growth & space” potentials, and then lay the packets or starters in the place to be planted.  It was also important to make sure I could reach all the plants when having to address them later. You should NEVER walk to the soil.

Then the planting began!  At this point, I don’t have the most flexible body, so bending down to put an indent in the dirt so I could plant the seed  was not the easiest thing to do.  My gardener suggested I get knee pads so I’d have more ease in reaching areas I’ll need to reach.  Before the night was over I was able to plant cilantro, string beans, carrots, spinach, and flowers that will detract insects.  So, we’re on our way to a wonderful garden.

I’m truly loving the process!


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