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A Tribe Called Patu

We began this project with apprehension and doubt.  Not because of the projects outlines or guarantees, but in our own capacity to actually grow something good to eat, and that we would remember to add to our meals.  We are your typical family…well maybe not typical, lol.  We are each an individual component of something that is intensely connected.  Let me introduce you to my family…

The first in our tribe is our Chief…he is the head of our family, the protector and diplomat who serves our tribe with diligence and faith.  Paul Patu is a father to many but a daddy to only four.  He is a bright and charismatic man, with great passion and vision. He is a warrior. Our leader is a remarkable man, husband and father.  He channels inner strength and he unleashes his wit and terror on those whose intentions are to harm to weak.  He is a mastermind at all that he puts his time, energy and thought to, and has the capacity to conquer and yet show much compassion.  He is loved by his adoring wife and celebrated by his community…

Next is our first born and she is our comedian, she brings humor like a warriors bow, always cocked and ready to descend. She has the amazing gift of mimicry.  She can not only channel characters, voice and accents at will, but will also draw beautiful pictures and posters.  Her gift was established early as a child when she would recite whole movies to us because our tv was off and would gladly entertain those who needed entertaining.  The bible says laughter is medicine for the heart…Eunyque Patu is a pharmaceutical company.  She athletically gifted.  Her strength and body know no bounds.  She easily dismisses boys as competition, leaving them baffling her her skill and confidence.  She will take the court by storm, but has genius written in her DNA.  She is a phenomenal young woman…who will do great things.

Our next additional is our little mother Karysma Patu.  Karysma is everything dynamic.  There is nothing mediocre about this little jewel.  She is called little mother because of her natural ability to mother those around her, regardless of their age difference.  She is a natural born leader and she leads, almost effortlessly commands people to follow her.  She potty-trained her little brother Jamyn, although they are only 19 months apart.  She has always cared for and looked after those who are helpless and even those that didn’t realize they needed her help.  She will be a conqueror.  Whatever task you give her she will charismatically enchant you.  She is destined for stage, halls or TV.  Watch for her…Karysma Patu.

Our firstborn son, is ALL man.  He is a born prize, wise beyond his years, and will easily give you the impression that he is much older than his 10 years.  A mancub, born and walked, talked much earlier than most his age.  He has always had a natural nobility about him.  He charges into situations to protect his siblings or even his parents honor, but has maintained a straight A status and keeps his battles diplomatically.  He favors kids much older than him (his friends are typically 3 or 4 years older than him) and has always gotten praise from his teachers for being mature and honest.  He will easily lead and empire and will be a become one of the greatest to have lead in his time. He will tell you he needs to be the “Bigger” man and make better decisions for his sake and the sake of others.  He is a miniature version of his father in size, but his stature is definitely a rivalry.

Our last chief in training, is Davyn Patu.  Our engineer with a lion’s heart.  Davyn’s lot in life to create and make things that will have a common purpose…to entertain and make life better.  He is an imaginative artist, his creations are works of art and he makes tools  that other kids will immediately copy and imitate.  His imagination can fill a the Sistine Chapel, and his genius is only getting started.  He is compelling and witty.  A sweet boy with presence not easily ignored. A little body with an extraordinary mind and will, he is unaware of his temporary small size and always attacks with the might of a larger individual.

I am the caretaker of these dynamic individuals.  I am fortunate to have been slected by our chief and to have given birth to these amazing kids.

Now, on to the project….

We are not healthy eaters…its sad…but true.  Veggies are slim pickings in our home, with broccoli, spinach, salad, carrots, green beans and asparagus being the lone participants.  We want to eat better, we have tried to ear better…but it is expensive and typically out of reach from the daily grocery commutes of our neighborhood.  Part of our family loves meat…Me, Karysma, Jamyn & Eunyque, while Paul & Davyn prefer a good bread item.  So including healthy foods in our mealtimes, has been a difficult feat.  Our schedules are chaotic and sporadic.  So when we were approached about the opportunity to grow healthy foods, we were intrigued but pessimistic.  Reasons? I kill  Not intentionally.  But decidedly none the less.  No green thumb, here.  That gift left with my grandmother’s passing.

So here we are, we started the project, interviewed each member, and met with our garden coach.  Now, we meet this woman, and she is amazing.  She was so knowledgeable and understanding of our plight.  She explained things thoroughly, not shying away from any of our questions,  no matter how absurd.  Jodi, that’s our coach, came over and we had a garden planning session.  We talked to the kids about what they wanted to grow and eat.  They were excited with the choices being almost anything and decided on a couple of fruits and some vegetables as well as a herb garden.  Watermelons were at the helm with a guarantee of strawberry accompaniment,  and carrots with radishes and broccoli.  I was excited that they kids were excited.

I can be honest and say that family time is always something we are trying to get better at and spend more time doing.  But I am really glad for this project because it feels like like it will bring us closer and give us the needed space to become a better family.

So we have planted our garden, its a beautiful deck garden and we have finally begun to see some sprouts…it is so exciting.  I feel like they are our little babies and they need us to support them.  So stay tuned as we watch the

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