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Garden Update. It’s been 3 Weeks!

Well, it’s June 1; behold the progress!

There are carrots coming up, cilantro, collards, Bok Choy, lettuce mesclun valentine (a custom blend of lettuces, I’ll refer to as “Spring Mix”), spinach, chard, and hopefully bush beans – all beginning to sprout and grow!  I’ve never remembered seeing the beginnings of a carrot in my childhood gardening experience—how  the little fuzzes at the end of the carrot is all you’ll see, initially – just amazing!

Soon, I can tell, it’ll be time to cut the spring mix and take it into the house to “EAT”!  Imagine that?  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that — “Pat, you are growing these vegetables to EAT!”

Can I say, again, how grateful I am to this project?  It’s really only been a short while, however, I’m learning soooo much and being able to translate the knowledge over to my floral garden.  Because of the investment of soil development and cultivation, I realized why I was having such a difficult time with my plants from year-to-year.  So, I’m tilling the ground and cultivating the soil, so that my floral garden will be healthy, as well.

It helps that it’s been lots of rain in Seattle.  While the weather patterns can be quite annoying in Seattle, when you’re just starting a garden, rain is your friend.


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One Response to Garden Update. It’s been 3 Weeks!
  1. Inye Wokoma
    June 1, 2010 | 11:42 am

    Man, Pat. I’m going to have to stop by your house and take a look. I can wait until you start working your other space. Can we get you to post some photos (or even video) from that beautiful iPhone of yours? ;)

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