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More Seeds and maintenance


Last Monday (May 24th) Scott and I planted more seeds:  green beans, sweet  basil, and zucchini squash.  I am going to start my herb garden in the house, and am planning on using egg crates to plant the seeds.  Once the seeds start to sprout, I’ll put them in the ground :) .  Scott and I also dug up one of each of the previous seeds we planted, to ensure that they had sprouted.  Once we were satisfied that they had, we carefully covered them back up.

There is a huge rock pile in my backyard and I decided to use them to make home-made markers for my garden.  I took a black sharpie and labeled the rocks with what I had planted in the area.  Then I placed each labeled rock in a shallow well in the general area of the crop.

Scott and I also figured out how to “propagate” (google it!) collard green seeds.  My father had some collard green plants that returned (don’t remember the proper term for this) from last year, so I plucked a few of the seeds off.  The seeds didn’t look like seeds at all -  they actually resembled the stalk of a small flower.  In order to propagate them you must first dry the seeds out, so they are currently drying in my room.  I look forward to planting them!

We’ve had some cold and rainy weather this May, so my tomatoes and peppers will have to wait until the sun decides to be more consistant.

Gardening is a lot easier than I thought.  That is to say: it’s a lot easier than forking over money at the grocery store to buy some produce from who-knows-where, and was picked before it was ripe Wink

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