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Anyone who lives in Seattle knows that we haven’t had the best weather this month.  I heard a meteorologist on the news refer to this month as “Juneuary” and I feel that the tag is well deserved – especially since the cold snap that we had a couple of weeks ago seems to have killed many of my seeds!  Add to that the fact that there is a mole who lives in my garden, & apparently s/he loves to burrow under my sugar snap peas (which are doing fine, I might add).  Oh, if I only had a BB Gun (just kidding, PETA… I think)!

Scott (garden coach) didn’t seem phased by our setbacks.  He said that we could re-plant some of the seeds with the aid of compost.  When I told him that I would go to Lowe’s to pick up the compost, he mentioned that I should check out Lowe’s starts.  Wait, Lowe’s has starts?  I ended up purchasing cucumber and bell pepper starts, and Scott brought me some tomato and straight-neck squash starts.  We re-planted my green bean seeds along with all the starts, and are hoping for the best.  *sigh*

Seattle’s weather is so unpredictable that starts might be a great option.  We’ll see how this goes…

Side note:  When I visited my garden today, I noticed that there was a foam on the underside of one of the sugar snap pea leaves.  When I wiped the foam away, I noticed that there was a tiny bright green critter in all the foam.  The critter was cute and everything, but something is taking bites out my sugar snap pea leaves.  Does anyone know what lays their eggs in foam?  I know that bugs typically lay their eggs on the underside of leaves, but the critter was so small that I couldn’t tell what it was.

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