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Sugar Snap Peas and Pitbulls

Flower of my straight-neck squash plant

It is so fun to go into the backyard and visit my garden now because everything is either flowering, or the “baby vegetables” are visible.  My sugar snap peas are growing like weeds, and I was able to pick a handful and snack on them last week.  My squash plants have beautiful yellow flowers, but no vegetable is visible yet, and my cucumbers are growing large as well.

Usually I like to go out into the garden to relax while I weed, prune, and water my plants.  However my neighbors recently acquired an almost-adult pitbull.  These people have to be the worst dog owners on the planet because they carelessly and constantly leave their gate open daily, which allows the dog to freely roam the neighborhood.  A couple of days ago my Dad was standing in the front of the house, and he said that the pitbull came from OUR backyard and surprised him.  My Dad went to check the garden and found that the dog had dug up some tomato plants.  We think that the dog was after the mole that lives in our garden (Remember my previous rant about the mole?  This is NOT the solution I wanted!  Be careful what you wish for people!)

Lately my garden time has been rushed because I fear that I’ll be caught alone with the pitbull in my backyard.  Those buggers are sneaky – you never seem to hear them creep up on you.

*Sigh*  I guess I’ll just carry my big shovel with me.  Pray for me, y’all!

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