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Become a first time Gardener

The Garden Project is still recruiting families to participate in the project.  We are looking to recruit Latino, South Pacific Islander, African American and Native American families living in Seattle’s Central District, Delridge, White Center, High Point and Rainier Valley communities. We want to engage families from various income and educational backgrounds and with living situation ranging from apartments to homes with large yards.

For More information contact Inye Wokoma viaemail or complete the following form if you are a family interested in participating in The Garden Project.

Gardening Family Inquiry Form
To get more info or sign up to participate as a gardening family in The Garden Project please fill out the form below and we will contact you.
(The information on this form is only used to ensure that our project represents families with diverse backgrounds)




A main goal for our project is to demonstrate how gardening can be a beneficial activitiy for families of all economic backgrounds.
The following two questions will help us recruit families that represent a full range of lifestyles.






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Volunteer with The Garden Project

There are numerous ways community members can volunteer at various stages in the project:

  • Workshop Volunteers: The monthly gardener discussion groups/workshops will need volunteers for promotions, set up and breakdown, transportation, facilitation, gardening information distribution
  • Community Outreach: On going promotion of the project to the community will provide ample volunteer opportunities including (but not exclusive to) staffing information booths at farmers markets and community festival and other events, personal presentations about the project as churches and other meetings of community organizations,  development of promotional collateral (flyers, etc)
  • Media Interns: Helping to create a visual document of all project activities in photos and video will provide another opportunity for community members to volunteer with the project.
  • Organizational Support: Our planning meetings will be open to community members who feel they have something crucial to offer in the way of organizational resources.
  • Event planning: The marquis event for the project is the community potluck/feast featuring food grown in the project gardens. Organizing and executing this event will provide ample opportunities for volunteers of all kinds
  • Food Distribution: Each family will be required to donate a portion of the harvest to a local food bank or shelter. Coordination and distribution of this food will provide an opportunity for volunteers to participate

Volunteer Inquiry Form




 Monthly Gardener Workshop Volunteer Community Outreach Organizational Support Event Planning Media Intern Media Professional


Financial and Materials Support

Direct Financial Support

Ours is an independent project being led and, to date, entirely funded by committed community members.  Please help support our effort by making a direct contribution to our project fund. All proceeds will go towards development and administrative costs associated with making this project a success.  To make a direct gift to the project please use our TGP Chip In widget on the sidebar of this page. Your direct financial support will go towards:

  • Office supplies and postage
  • Printing needs(brochures, business cards, flyers, etc.)
  • Project materials including gardening tools and materials for participating families with specific financial needs

Direct financial support of The Garden Project are considered gifts and are not tax deductible. For information on making tax deductible contributions to The Garden Project contact Inye Wokoma via email.

No gift is too small and every expression of support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Materials Donations

As first time gardeners our participating families will need gardening tools and supplies. You donation of new or used gardening tools is greatly appreciated. For donation of tools and gardening supplies please contact Scott McGowan via email.

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