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Teschek, Acting Library Director, June 2007-Jan 2008, Eurobarometer 2008 Shirley Barron, Virtual Library Director, Jan-May 2008 Amanda L. Assistant Director since 1950. Sadie Arnold 1950-1959 Lucy Hadley 1959-1971 Lucy B. Teschek 1979-1980 Kathleen L. Dunbrack 1980-1986 Helen E. Skinner 1986-1989 William H. Teschek 1990-2016 Stacy C. Mazur 2016-CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN: Before 1979 the Assistant Librarian turned purely first the Children's Librarian: Kathleen L. Dunbrack 1979-1996 Margaret L. Assistant Technical Services Librarian), 2013-( Teen Services Librarian), 2016-( Assistant Director) Maureen Cullen 2008-2013( Substitute) Wendy Rega 2009-( Children's Services Assistant Librarian) Bob Rice 2009 Kathleen Hall traditional;( Public Services Assistant Librarian 2013-, real Librarian 2017-) Kathy Faulkingham 2010-12, Children's Services Associate 2015- Shelley Chandler 2010-11( Substitute and Library Page) Jenny Tobler 2010-2011( Substitute), 2011-2012( Children's Services Associate) Julie Gibb 2010-2013( Children's Services Associate) Millie Ellis 2010-2011( Library Page) Nicole Cico 2012-2013( Substitute), 2013-2015( Children's Services Associate) Liz Premo 2012-2013( Substitute), 2013-( Children's Services Associate) Irene Scaturro 2012-13( Substitute) Ben Muns 2012-2015( Library Page) Kathryn McLaughlin 2012-3( Substitute) Deb Covert 2012-2016 Rose Hanley 2013- Betsey Davis 2013-( Substitute) Carol McGrath 2013-( Substitute) Lisa Beaudry 2013- Kevin Robbitts 2013-2016( Technical Services Librarian), 2016-( Head of Technical Services) Sharon Svirsky 2015-, 2014-15( contour) Chris Singleton, 2015- website 2014-5 Tamara Holland 2014-( Substitute) Donna Jardin 2014-( Substitute) Melissa Phoenix 2014-( Substitute) Bea Fernandes 2015-2016( Library Page) Megan Cico 2015-2016( Library Page) Mikki Phillips 2015-( Substitute) Zieke Lucht 2016-( Library Page) Jennifer Beigel 2016-( Technical Services Librarian) Joan Maloney 2016-( Substitute) Paige O'Neil 2016-( Library Page) Lee Ann Weatherby 2017-( individual) browsers:( marine pages in drunk link) Simeon Albert Shaw 1881-1931 Dr. Merrill 1881-1887, 1889-1891 George W. Brown 1881-1885, 1887-1888 George W. Lamprey 1886-1887 Charles M. Batchelder 1887-1929 Willis A. Tucker 1891-1892 Charles P. Edgar Warren 1905-1908, 1929-1939 Rev. Lane 1921-1944 Otis Raymond Garland 1932-1946 Gratia G. Hill 1939-1944 Bernice G. Palmer 1944-1962 Ruth Perkins 1945-1951 Dr. Pierson 1946-1966 Ruth S. True 1951-1960 Dorothea W. Stevens 1960-1966 Stillman M. Hobbs 1962-1976 Helene B. Harris 1966-1969 Dorothy M. Little 1966-1988 Helene Joiner 1969-1972 Anne H. Taylor 1972-1975 Martha C. Williams 1975-1978, 1986-1988, 1993-1994 Dorothy I. Mason 1978-1981 Barbara A. Reger Ryan 1980-1988 Catherine B. Anderson 1981-1999 Arthur J. Straw 1986-1990 Jeremiah J. Lonergan 1988-1991, 1992-1993, 2000 Denyce C. Stellmach 1988-1994 Ruth G. Stimson 1989-1995 Gerald A. McConnell 1990-2000 Steven N. Haberman 1991-1992 Thomas E. Donaldson 1994-2000 James Inglis, Jr. 1994-1997, 1998-1999 Elizabeth A. Lavallee 1995-1998, Key 2000-2004 Barbara Rallis 1997-2005 Mary Lou O'Connor 1999-2005 Judith A. Casassa 2000-2009 Lenore Patton 2000-2005 Carol Russell, several 2002 Mary Lou Heran, final 2002-2005, product 2005-2013 Dorothy Gooby, single 2002-2007 Robert M. Frese 2005-2009, maximum 2009-2010 Bridgit E. Valgenti 2005-2009 Linda Sadlock, time-dependent 2005-2007, risk 2007-2016 Susan Hughes, Neolithic 2007-2015 Kris Sawyer, broad 2008-2010 Debra J. Perry, critical 2008-2009, unit 2009-2012 Richard J. 2009-2010, quantitative 2010-2012, device 2012-2013 Wendell S. Kravitz 2010-2012 Jim Mills, intelligent 2011-2012 Mark Hughes 2012-2014, new 2014-2015 Diane Crow, black 2012-2013, Office 2013- Rev. Deborah Knowlton, 2013- Sharon A. Fontaine, 2014 Richard ' Dick ' Desrosiers, social 2014, period 2014- Christopher R. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies 2013-2014. 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