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as Fall begins…

Seasons are changing and I’m welcoming fall, at this point the tomotoes are doing really well and still bearing plenty of sweet fruit. The cucumbers are growing steady and beautiful….the trellis that I built for them didn’t work very well, so now they are just growing on a straight line of twine and that’s working well. On the other hand, the squash that we planted back in May has yet to show fruit….maybe it’s not time. Still learning…

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We planted our cucumbers about 3 weeks ago, and just about a week ago, I started seeing fruit! Everyday the vines grow a little longer, and this reminded me that the cucumbers would need something to grow on. So I did some research on cucumbers and buliding a trellis, next thing I know, I [...]

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the lastest scoop in the Bernal garden….

It has been a while; first we have begun harvesting some of your food…..yay!!!!!. Beautiful, healthy, nutritious, living food, including raspberries, tomatoes, cilantro, and beets… I’m still in complete shock about how much our earth has blessed us with such bounty, we are truly grateful. This is experience is humbling….

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So we are about  4 weeks into our first time experience of gardening…it has been a beautiful process of learning and community.   We have been working with our wonderful garden coach Lauara Sweany who has become a part of our family. She has shared with us an abundance of education and knowledge about this experience. [...]

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Our Garden…

Since we began it has been a beautiful journey of knowledge, community, and growth.  Our family is very excited about all the beneifts growing our garden will bring….

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